Glenmead Primary School

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About Our School


Glenmead Primary School is mainly a two-form entry school for 4-11 year olds, with an admission limit of 60 pupils per year.

We are very lucky to have a large campus which offers green spaces, large playgrounds, trees and a playing field.  Our Early Years outdoor area is a varied and appealing space dedicated to stimulating learning outside the classroom for our youngest pupils.

Glenmead Primary School is dedicated to safeguarding our pupils. As such, the school site is kept secure throughout the school day with secure access to all external doors.  All gates, except the main gate, are locked during the school day.  Parents and visitors may only enter the school through the main entrance on Glenmead Road.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have limited the number of adults who are permitted onto the school campus. This is part of our risk assessment. As such, the main gate on Glenmead Road is locked during the school day. Visitors should telephone the school office to gain admittance. 

On Monday 6th September, we look forward to welcoming back all of our pupils. We will be operating with a version of the raft of controls that were in place last academic year.  Some control measures have been removed, while others have been retained. An updated and amended version of our risk assessment can be found through this link:



Our Mission Statement

Within the Glenmead community all individuals are valued and respected in a safe and secure environment. We are an inclusive school where everyone is encouraged to grow in confidence as they travel along their learning journey.  Through developing independence, hard work and creative thinking, we strive to achieve our true potential. 

Respect, Enjoy, Achieve



Aims of the School

 We aim to:-

  • Encourage the children to work hard and to achieve their best
  • Educate the children to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations
  • Encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Encourage pupils to feel proud of themselves, where they come from and to make positive contributions to their community

We endeavour to achieve these outcomes by:-

  • Developing close partnerships with parents, carers and families 
  • Providing a broad, balanced curriculum that enables enriching learning experiences
  • Educating all to provide a safe, secure environment for everyone
  • Encouraging a strong sense of identity, self confidence and character
  • Promoting an understanding of good interpersonal skills and healthy relationships
  • Encouraging curiosity through increasingly independent inquiry
  • Meeting children's individual needs by recognising their different starting points, individual talents and interests
  • Encouraging tolerance, respect and an understanding of British Values

By the time our pupils leave us in Year 6, we would like them to have gained all of the following characteristics: