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Welcome to this week’s Friday post. It has been a lively week in school with lots going on. We are all ready for a little rest and relaxation over the half term break. The children broke up from school today for one week’s holiday. We all return to school on Monday 3rd June.  


Help during half term:  

Although the school holiday is a break from the routine, it can present anxieties if you are struggling to feed the children while they are at home. If this is something you are experiencing, there are a lot of different ways you can get food cheaply or for free. The Birmingham Food Justice Network Map has been created to help you find nearby foodbanks, food clubs/food pantries (where you can get cheaper food) and community cafés (where you can get a free or cheap hot meal). Food banks provide a food parcel for at least three days for free.  

Visit Birmingham City Council’s webpage to find out more: 


Celebration Assembly:

Star of the Week nominations were for individuals who can show acts of kindness towards others. Nominated for their kindness were:  Neda, Ella-Rose, Samanta, Henry, Ianis, Grace, Salimatu, Zion B-R and Ashton, Vrunda and Ivan. 

Worship was led by Year 6. Thoughtful prayers on the subject of kindness, respect and tolerance were composed and read by Isabella (standing in for Mabelle), Enzo and Henry.   


Sports Personalities:

We have a lot of swimming badges today, as Year 3 wanted to try for their distances in their final swimming lesson last week. We also had certificates for Sports Day for both perseverance and effort as well as sporting achievement. Sports personalities this week were: Tiwa, Deesara, Victory, Sanjana and Artie.  

Ivy has achieved her 1000m badge at lessons outside school. Zoe has been accumulating both distance badges and skills certificates over a long period of time. She shared them in assembly this afternoon.  


General Election:  

I feel sure that you are aware that the long-awaited General Election will be on 4th July. We have been officially notified that our school will be required as a Polling Station. Unfortunately, this will mean another unplanned closure to pupils on 4th July. We are not able to safeguard the children if members of the public are gaining access to the building to vote. We can only apologise for the disruption.  


Disco Delight:

Blaring music and dancing is not everybody’s cup of tea, but many of the children relished the opportunity for a bit of dancing with their friends after school yesterday. The funds raised from ticket sales will go into School Council’s playground development fundraising pot. Some of the Year 6 children stayed behind after school to help to run the disco. Our thanks to them and to Mrs Rudd for organising this event.  



We had another very competitive week, especially in the juniors. Our top attending classes this week were 4T with 96.76% and 2M with 98.21%. Well done to their families for sustaining good attendance this week.  


Special mention to:

All the families who came along to cheer the children on Sports Day. The rain held off, events went smoothly and the children enjoyed it. Our thanks to Miss Davis for her organisation of the day. It was seamless. We have added the house points totals and given the children an update on which house came out on top at Sports Day. Falcons were 4th with 189pts, Kestrels were 3rd with 196pts, Hawks were second on 200pts and Eagles snatched victory with 216 pts.  

Special mention and thanks to those families who came to join in with our Year 5 Design and Technology workshop. You produced some wonderful 3D-models that support the children’s learning about rivers this term.  


That’s it for this half term. We hope you all enjoy some quality family time over the break and that the sun comes out at some point. See you all bright and early on Monday 3rd June.  





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