Glenmead Primary School

Respect Enjoy Achieve

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Our Inclusive Ethos


Glenmead Primary School is committed to being an inclusive school and welcomes all families and pupils from our local community. Where it is possible, within financial constraints, the school will adapt both its building and the way we deliver the curriculum to the needs of our pupils at the time. We strive to make school life, including the curriculum, visits and extra curricular activities, suitable for all our pupils. 

The aim of our work is to support our pupils in developing independence, creativity and resilience - both socially and academically.



Within the Glenmead community all individuals are valued and respected in a safe and secure environment. We are an inclusive school where everyone is encouraged to grow in confidence as they travel along their learning journey.  Through developing independence, hard work and creative thinking, we strive to achieve our true potential. 

Respect, Enjoy, Achieve



Additional support for  pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities is effective and gives pupils full access to their learning. Additional adults are skilful at motivating those pupils who find learning difficult.

There is a good atmosphere for learning in classrooms. This is largely based on the positive relationships developed between adults and pupils and among pupils themselves.


Birmingham City Council SEND information and advice for families.pdf


Further information can be gained by contacting our SENDCo, Mrs K. Steatham    Tel: 0121 464 3173